Global Panel’s Policy Brief: Climate-smart food systems for enhanced nutrition

Policy makers can make a significant difference to ensure healthy diets for people at every stage of life. The Global Panel’s policy brief Climate-smart food systems for enhanced nutrition urges decision makers to adopt a pro-nutrition lens while protecting and promoting agriculture in the face of climate change.

Ahead of the Paris climate negotiations, Climate-smart food systems for enhanced nutrition explains the challenges of meeting both agricultural and nutritional needs in the face of climate change. It identifies specific opportunities for policy change that can simultaneously enhance food and nutrition security. The panel writes:

“Promoting higher production of staple crops will not be enough to make agriculture more resilient to climate change. While evidence of effective climate change actions remains scarce, there is ample evidence already of how diets and food systems are adversely affected by weather shocks and price volatility. Climate-smart actions which support nutrition means focussing on diverse, high quality and healthy diets.”

Description: C:\Users\Marie\Desktop\ScreenHunter_483 Sep. 23 11.01.jpgRead more and download the full report here.

You can also see a video describing the importance of integrating nutrition into climate smart practices and food systems here.

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30 Sep 2015