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Exploring evidence and values
in global food systems debates

NEW Report by Jeremy Brice

Investment power and protein report cover image - herding cattle

Investment, Power and Protein in sub-Saharan Africa

In this new report, Jeremy Brice explores investment in protein production in sub-Saharan Africa. Who is putting money into this sector, and what visions of the future are they advancing by doing so?

NEW Blog on Power and Protein

where does protein get its power?

Blog: Where does protein get its power?

Protein promises weight loss, satiety, strength, healthy growth, healthy ageing. It seems that putting ‘protein’ on the label can sell just about anything. Tamsin Blaxter explores where protein gets this power in a new blog.

NEW Report by Tamsin Blaxter

Newspaper image for Primed for Power report

Primed for power: a short cultural history of protein

Protein has a singularly prominent place in discussions about food. There is no denying that we need protein and that engaging with how we produce and consume it is a crucial part of our response to the environmental crises.

This new report explores the history of nutritional science and international development in the Global North with a focus on describing how protein gained its cultural meanings.


A COP27 resource list

A flyer for "Setting the TABLE for COP27" resource list

To coincide with the annual UN Climate Change Conference, COP27, TABLE has put together a list of resources we believe will be useful for anyone trying to follow along with food systems discussions at COP, whether you're a journalist, an academic, a policymaker, a practitioner or an enthusiast.

This year promised to be a landmark year for food systems dialogue at COP, with an unprecedented three pavilions in the food theme.

Rosie_Pearson's avatar
  November 13, 2022 - 19:00
  What are your favorite food- and food systems-focused podcasts?

On Your Farm is surprisingly good - since it is a mainstream farming show, it is encouraging how often it is focused on regenerative nature-friendly farming. On BBC Sounds.
natashamaru's avatar
  October 25, 2022 - 13:45
  Livestock, livelihoods and climate justice: what is the future of animal agirculture

Livestock-Webinar-social-alts21200×1200 391 KB Join this discussion with Ian Scoones (IDS), Kirtana Chandrasekaran (FOEI), Fernando Garcia Dory (WAMIP) and moderated by Katie Sandwells (TNI)…