Feed: a food system podcast from Table


Is a local or global food system more sustainable? How big should a farm be? Debates about the future of food have become more polarised than ever - and little attention is paid to why people hold genuinely different beliefs. This podcast aims to fill this gap by exploring the evidence, worldviews, and values that people bring to global food system debates.

Welcome to Feed, a podcast in conversation with those who are trying to transform the food system. We are your co-hosts Matthew Kessler and Samara Brock. Throughout our years working on farms, around policy tables, and as researchers, we have been engaged in debates about what a good food system is and how best to support that vision.

We'll be speaking with people deeply embedded in efforts to transform food systems - as part of the ongoing work of Table, a collaboration between the University of Oxford, Wageningen University, and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

We begin with conversations exploring "Scale" in the food system - what is the right scale of the food system? Join us as we Feed our own curiosity (and ideally yours!) about critical food systems issues and, hopefully, cook up some innovative ideas along the way.


Stay tuned - our first episode will be released in January 2021.