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France pledges to ensure food retailers pay farmers fairly

Photo of a protest sign which reads “Stand with Farmers”. Image by Gayatri Malhotra via Unsplash

Continued unrest of the farming population of France has lead the French government to promise to ensure food retailers agree to share revenues fairly with producers. This Bloomberg article details the statements made by French officials and connects the political activity of farmers in France with other movements in Europe. 

Bloomberg has reported on on-going issues related to farming wages in Europe and has recently reported that France, amidst nation wide farmer protests, has promised to ensure food retailers agree to share revenues fairly with producers. According to Finance Minister Brune le Maire, this will take the form of increased efforts by the government towards check on current trade negotiations related to a 2018 law which forces retailers to ensure farmers are not selling at a loss.

Bloomberg has also reported on similar action in Germany where farmers have been protesting a proposed removal of a diesel subsidy in the agricultural sector.

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