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Food entrepreneurs in Africa: scaling resilient agribusinesses

This book offers guidance to African entrepreneurs on how to found and grow resilient food and agriculture businesses. Chapters cover an overview of the food and agriculture sector in Africa, sustainable business models, scaling, innovation and technology, financing growth and building resilience.

Publisher’s description

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the agriculture and food sector in Africa, which is projected to exceed a trillion dollars by 2030. This book is the first practical primer to equip and support entrepreneurs in Africa through the process of starting and growing successful and resilient agriculture and food businesses that will transform the continent. Through the use of case studies and practical guidance, the book reveals how entrepreneurs can leverage technology and innovation to leapfrog and adapt to climate change, ensuring that Africa can feed itself and even the world. The book will:

  • Inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to start and grow resilient and successful businesses in the agriculture and food landscapes.
  • Equip aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs with practical knowledge, skills, and tools to navigate the complex agriculture and food ecosystems and develop and grow high-impact and profitable businesses.
  • Enable aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs to develop scalable business models, attract and retain talent, leverage innovation and technology, raise financing, build strong brands, shape their ecosystem, and infuse resilience into every aspect of their operations.

The book is for aspiring and emerging agribusiness entrepreneurs across Africa and agribusiness students globally. It will also inspire policymakers, researchers, development partners, and investors to create an enabling and supportive environment for African entrepreneurs to thrive.



Nwuneli, N. O. (2021). Food Entrepreneurs in Africa: Scaling Resilient Agriculture Businesses. Routledge, Abingdon.


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31 Mar 2021
Food Entrepreneurs in Africa: Scaling Resilient Agriculture Businesses
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