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European policy must support healthy food environments

In this position paper, the European Public Health Alliance argues that the European Farm to Fork Strategy should be strengthened to prioritise the health of people, planet and animals - instead of abandoning the strategy in the face of COVID-19 and the Ukraine war, as some have suggested. It calls for impact assessment methodologies to include health risks (such as dietary links to non-communicable diseases); for a “less and better” approach to the consumption of animal foods; and for a comprehensive approach to creating healthy food environments to be adopted, including a food labelling scheme and regulation of the marketing of unhealthy or unsustainable foods.

Read the full report, Why Europe needs a health-oriented food policy: EPHA position paper on the EU Farm to Fork Strategy, here. See also the TABLE explainer What can be done to shift eating patterns in healthier, more sustainable directions?

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27 Jul 2022
 Why Europe needs a health-oriented food policy
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