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Plates, pyramids and planets


TABLE Explainers are short, peer-reviewed introductions to concepts that are important for understanding food systems and food sustainability. All of our Explainers are peer-reviewed by experts in the topic. We aim for every piece to be reviewed by people who hold different viewpoints on the topic, to ensure that we have accurately described the parameters of the disagreements. 

Explainer formats

Some of the Explainers here were originally published on Foodsource, a free educational website that was run by the Food Climate Research Network, Table’s precursor. The content on Foodsource has now been integrated into Table. Building Blocks are shorter explanations of single concepts; Chapters offer a structured introduction to food systems thinking, concerns and topics.

Photo credits: What is sustainable intensification?
Walter Fraanje, Samuel Lee-Gammage
08 Jun 2018
jam and cream on tray What is malnutrition?
Helen Breewood
08 Jun 2018
Foodsource Food systems and contributions to other environmental problems
Tara Garnett, Tim Benton, David Little
05 May 2018
Image montage (clockwise from left): DFAT, A_Peach, Jon Aslund and USDA via Flickr
What is food security?
Walter Fraanje, Samuel Lee-Gammage
12 Mar 2018
Amazon land use by CIAT via Flickr What is land use and land use change?
Samuel Lee-Gammage
06 Feb 2018
Foodsource How are food systems, diets, and health connected?
Tara Garnett, Jessica Finch
05 Feb 2018
Chickens at Johnson Farms by Rick Obst via Flickr What is animal welfare?
Harriet Bartlett, Samuel Lee-Gammage
11 Dec 2017
What are food systems?
Samuel Lee-Gammage
28 Nov 2017
Foodsource An overview of food system challenges
Tara Garnett, Tim Benton, Will Nicholson
14 Sep 2016
Foodsource How can we reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions?
Tara Garnett, Jessica Finch
13 Sep 2016
Foodsource Impacts of climatic and environmental change on food systems
Tara Garnett, Tim Benton, Jessica Finch
13 Sep 2016
Foodsource Food systems and greenhouse gas emissions
Tara Garnett, Pete Smith, Will Nicholson
13 Sep 2016