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Videos from Consensus research project on sustainable household consumption

The Irish CONSENSUS research project on sustainable household consumption has launched a set of two-minute video animations on their research. CONSENSUS aims to advance understanding of the drivers shaping everyday household consumption practices and to identify policy, technology and educational interventions to facilitate sustainable living. We are highlighting three of their videos here.

The first video animation provides an overview of CONSENSUS's research on sustainable food, transport, energy and water consumption. Watch it here.

The second focuses on how we might carry out our daily eating, washing and heating practices in the future. This video makes the argument for re-framing the challenge of sustainable behaviour change as a challenge of innovation in people's everyday practices, opening up a host of novel technology, educational and policy interventions. Watch this video here.

An animated infographic completes the video set depicting key results from CONSENSUS’s all-Ireland survey of 1,500 households on sustainable consumption. Watch it here.

CONSENSUS is funded by STRIVE (Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for the Environment Programme 2007–2013) and administered by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The project involves researchers from Trinity College Dublin and the National University of Ireland, Galway. 

For more information about the CONSENSUS research project click here and to see the complete list of all the videos, click here.

For more information on sustainable consumption, see our research library page on this here.

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