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Planting value in the food system

This report from the UK’s Vegan Society explores how policies, principles and legislation could lead towards a sustainable plant-based food system. It aims to avoid a polarised “vegans vs. farmers” narrative and instead aims to find common ground between stakeholders. It uses a “multi-criteria lens” to consider the food system from the perspectives of animal equity, human health, economy and just work, climate change and ecosystems, and social and cultural values.

The report’s proposals include:

  • Forming a National Food Sustainability Council, in line with the recommendations of the National Food Strategy: Part 1.
  • Passing a UK Food Sustainability Bill that would encompass climate and sustainable development goals as well as health, economic, ecosystem and social goals. This would include binding steps to reduce animal consumption.
  • Passing a Well-being of Future Generations Bill to enable the UK’s regional governments to act together on sustainability issues.
  • After 2030, passing a UK End of Animal Slaughter Bill to phase out property rights over animals and grant domesticated animals the right to “full, supported and stewarded lifespans, free from pre-determined deaths”.

The report has two parts:

  1. Part One: Our Vision (PDF link)
  2. Part Two: The Research (PDF link)

Read the full report, Planting Value in the Food System, here. See also the TABLE explainer What can be done to shift eating patterns in healthier, more sustainable directions?

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23 Jul 2021
Planting value in the food system
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