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New Swedish dietary guidelines that integrate sustainability and health aspects available in English.

FCRN has previously highlighted the new Swedish dietary guidelines in a blog-post, “Environmental concerns now in Sweden’s newly launched dietary guidelines” by the Swedish researcher and FCRN collaborator Elin Röös, where she also talks to representatives from the Swedish Food Agency about the challenges involved in writing the new guidelines. This report is now available in full in English. 

The section on Food and Environment provides the following advice on making food choices that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental effects:

  • Eat less meat, choose plant food instead. Try to exchange one or two meals of beef, lamb, pork or chicken every week with vegetarian meals, or eat smaller portions of meat.
  • Choose fish from sustainable stocks or farmed in a sustainable way, for example certified fish.
  • Choose fruits and vegetables that store well, for example field vegetables, and choose sensitive fruits and vegetables after season.
  • Eat less sweets, cakes, cookies and snacks – they have an impact on the environment but their nutritional contribution is low.
  • Minimize food waste – store food properly, plan your purchases and use the leftovers!
  • Learn more about eco-smart food choices and how to minimize food waste on the heading to the left.

The report also includes a particular section on “Eco-smart food choices.”

Access the full report in English here. You will find more related information in our research library keyword sections on Dietary guidelines, Sustainable healthy diets and Food and agriculture policy.  You can also find more in the category on Governance and Policy.

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03 Sep 2015