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Tesco, health and clubcard data

The UK’s Daily Mail reports that the UK supermarket Tesco will monitor the healthiness of its customers’ food purchases using Clubcard data and then use that data to suggest ways in which people could make healthier choices. Although plans are still in the early stages options considered so far include offering vouchers for healthier products and promoting a better diet via suggested recipes. 

The idea is that customers have to opt-in to receiving advice. According to the Daily Mail, the supermarket’s technology experts have built an online tool - dubbed the ‘healthy little differences tracker’ - that will measure how customers’ habits change as a result of the healthy eating drive. It is also expected to contribute data on customers’ eating habits to government research into obesity. You can read the Daily Mail’s coverage here.  

The Tesco website highlights the initiative here. While no mention is made of environmental sustainabilty, this strikes me as an approach that might also work for suggestions about lower-environmental impact dietary choices.

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11 Jun 2013