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Senior nutrition can emulate the growth potential of infant formula

This article highlights one of the approaches the dairy industry is taking to create new markets for dairy consumption.

In an interview with Dairyreporter, the company FrieslandCampina says that ‘senior nutrition’ can emulate the growth potential of infant formula, but only if manufacturers tackle certain marketing complexities, says FrieslandCampina in an interview with Dairyreporter.  The company points to the ‘vast potential’ for formula products for seniors, now that there are more people in the world over 65 than under the age of five.

Read the full article here.  For a discussion of the growth in dairy consumption in China (traditionally a non-dairy consuming culture) see the ‘Focus on dairy’ section of the FCRN’s Appetite for Change  report (p 114 onwards).

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18 Feb 2015