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Secure sustainable seafood from developing countries

In this article in Science, researchers warn that imported fish sold in European and North American shops may be less sustainably caught than claims suggest. The experts argue that projects aimed at stimulating sustainable fishing in developing countries often don’t deliver on their goals and therefore, in order to prevent that the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) quality label for sustainable fish is undermined,  requirements for market access need to be more rigorous.  

It is stated that “…half of the 130 fishery improvement projects reviewed by the researchers, come from developing countries. Of these, two thirds fail to make further changes once they receive market access. By selling fish from these fisheries retailers not only risk stalling progress towards sustainable fisheries production, but also misleading consumers.”


Sampson, G. S.,  Sanchirico, J. N., Roheim, C. A., Bush, S. R., Taylor, J. E., Allison, E. H., Anderson, J. L. , Ban, N. C., Fujita, R., Jupiter, S.,  Wilson, J. R.,  (2015) Secure sustainable seafood from developing countriesScience, 348 (6234): 504 DOI: 10.1126/science.aaa4639

Read the full article here and see further coverage from Science Daily here.

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20 May 2015