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The role of private sector in city region food systems

This 120-page report by the RUAF Foundation aims to provide suggestions for private sector actors in city regions’ food systems based on an extensive study of three cities. It presents knowledge on policy support mechanisms and identifies key lessons learned in the three case studies, which were conducted in Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Quito, Ecuador; and Bristol, UK.

The two main questions addressed in the study were:

  1. How can the private sector help shape more sustainable city region food systems?
  2. What business and policy environment is needed to better engage the private sector in building sustainable city region food systems?

Within the three cities’ case studies, nineteen smaller case studies feature private sector and government interventions. Based on these, it provides recommendations for both the private sector and policy makers.

To download the full report or one of the separate case study reports, see here.

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21 Feb 2017
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