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NDC explorer, an online tool for comparing national climate action plans

The German Development Institute along with the African Centre for Technology Studies,the Stockholm Environment Institute, and the UNFCCC secretariat have developed a new tool to compare the 163 existing national climate action plans.

The so-called (Intended) Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs/NDCs) are key documents produced in relation to the Paris climate agreement. The NDC Explorer allows users to compare the details in these documents at a quick glance and compare between nations.

This is what new NDC Explorer can do:

  • Explore all (I)NDCs on 60 different categories like mitigation, adaptation, planning and finance
  • Visualise the data on an interactive world map
  • Visualise the data in interactive bar graphs
  • Compare (I)NDCs by region and by income
  • Compare full country profiles of up to three countries
  • Share what you see in social media or via email.
  • Download customised world maps and bar graphs for presentations and publications

Colouring the world map according to NDC mention of agricultural mitigation, you can easily see that while most countries consider agriculture in their NDCs, the only countries making this a focus area are Bolivia, Botswana, El Salvador, and Rwanda.

You can find the NDC explorer here. A video explaining the tool can be viewed on YouTube and a short article by CTCN is found here

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31 Jan 2017