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More supermarkets setting healthy food sales targets

Plating Up Progress, a project run by the UK charity The Food Foundation, has published its 2021 report, which analyses how various UK food sectors are performing on health, environmental and social inclusion issues. 

The report finds that supermarkets are increasingly setting targets for sales of healthy or healthier foods. Two supermarkets (out of 11 studied) are now reporting on the percentage of protein sales that come from plant sources. All supermarkets studied, and 13 out of 18 restaurants, caterers and wholesalers studied, are now either measuring their scope 3 emissions (those from the supply chain) or have net zero climate targets that include scope 3 emissions. 

The report also sets out recommendations for policymakers, businesses and investors.

Read the full report, Plating Up Progress 2021: Recommendations for policy makers, food businesses and investors, here. See also the TABLE explainer What can be done to shift eating patterns in healthier, more sustainable directions?

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17 Nov 2021
Plating up Progress
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