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Livestock and Food Security

The journal Animal Frontiers is running a two-part series on livestock and food security. The first installment (second installment to run in July) covers a range of issues, including: the role of animal (including fish) production in food security in developing countries,  trade in livestock products; the links between animal product consumption and chronic diseases; pastoralism; and livestock breeding.

Here is a list of the articles:

  • “Beyond milk, meat, and eggs: Role of livestock in food and nutrition security”
  • “Trade in feed grains, animals, and animal products: Current trends, future prospects, and main issues”
  • “Impact of consumption of animal products on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer in developed countries”
  • “Fish, feeds, and food security”
  • “Predicting the risks from climate change to forage and crop production for animal feed”
  • “Pastoralism: A critical asset for food security under global climate change”
  • “The role of sustainable commercial pig and poultry breeding for food security”

To access this edition of the journal, click here.

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15 Jan 2013
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