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ILRI meeting presentations on livestock

The International Livestock Research Institute and the World Bank hosted a meeting on livestock in Nairobi on the 12-13 March.  Some of the presentations may be of interest, in particular:

Jimmy Smith, Director General of the International Livestock Research Institute gives an overview of global livestock trends and challenges, paying particular attention to smallholders.

Henning Steinfeld, gives an outline of FAO thinking on livestock and the environmental problems it poses – essentially the options FAO is focusing on are a.natural resource use efficiency, b. carbon sequestration on grazing lands and c. managing outputs (eg. manure).

A third presentation looks at the equity implications of transitions in the livestock sector. It points out that much of the world’s meat, milk and eggs is still produced in very smallscale settings and considers how the smallholder sector might evolve in coming years.

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25 Mar 2012
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