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Featured Blog: Should we stop fishing?

The UK’s New Economics Foundation has written a report arguing that all fishing in Europe should cease for up to nine years to let stocks recover. 

Stefano Mariani, - Reader in Wildlife Biology at the University of Salford, has posted an interesting blog-response to this on the Global Food Security website.
He argues that while “the proposal by NEF is certainly an elegant economic exercise,” it is not “grounded firmly in the biology of fish stocks, or in the trophic balance of the world population, or, for that matter, in the practicalities of policy implementation.”
You can read his blog here.
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For more on fishing and aquaculture see these pages of the FCRN Research library. Note that this is probably a less well developed section of the library so if you have reports that you think might be worth including, please do send them through to us.

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25 Oct 2012