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DECC provisional UK GHG estimates - 2011

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has published its provisional 2011 estimates of UK greenhouse gas emissions, together with final estimates of 2010 UK greenhouse gas emissions by fuel type and end-user.

It finds that in In 2011, UK emissions of the basket of six greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol were provisionally estimated to be 549.3 million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent, 7.0 per cent lower than the 2010 figure of 590.4 million tonnes.  Note that these are emissions generated within UK borders - UK consumption emissions (ie. taking account the embedded emissions in imported goods, and excluding those embedded in exports) are 34% higher than production emissions, and are growing. See here for more.

Going back to the DECC estimates, agricultural emissions in 2010 (2011 figures are not yet available) seem to have increased slightly over 2009.  See here for more information.

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13 Apr 2012