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Carrot or stick? How to achieve a sustainable diet - IGD on sustainable diets

In this post on the Defra Sustainable development Scene, Toby Pickard, Senior Sustainability Analyst at the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) in the UK, looks at shopper attitudes towards achieving a sustainable diet, the challenges surrounding this and the implications for the food and consumer goods industry.

Based on the IGD report Sustainable diets: Helping shoppers he goes through attitudes and behaviours in British food consumption. Pickard notes that shoppers are willing to be informed, educated and even limited on some things to try and be healthier and more sustainable, but the industry has to inspire them to change behaviour. The challenge for industry he says, is to create a clear overarching coherent narrative that shoppers can grasp around environmental and health issues.

Read the full blog here. You can also browse through FCRN's resources on sustainable diets here and here. There has also been another recent UK survey on sustainable diets, by the Eating Better campaign, which you can read here.

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19 Dec 2013
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