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Are businesses delivering sustainable protein?

Will Nicholson of the FCRN has contributed to this report on the future of protein by Forum for the Future. The report asks whether the food industry is taking sufficient action on providing sustainable, healthy protein.

Specifically, the report tracks whether companies are:

  • Enabling rebalancing of Western diets towards a more diverse selection of proteins - especially plant proteins
  • Engaged with livestock protein by working to enable sustainable animal feed
  • Taking an integrated approach to protein in their business’ overall strategies

The report sets out the following recommendations for businesses:

  • Develop an integrated protein strategy that considers sustainable nutrition and links to corporate climate targets
  • Make public, time-bound commitments
  • Embed a commitment to healthy, balanced diets across the whole business and product range
  • Collaborate to make changes to both consumer food culture and the food supply chain
  • Engage with policymakers and institutions to advocate for change across the food sector

Read the full report The Future of Food: are businesses on track to deliver a sustainable protein system by 2040? here. See also the Foodsource chapter What is a healthy sustainable eating pattern? Will Nicholson leads the FCRN project Plating up Progress? 

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