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Allan Savory Holistic Management TED talk

Allan Savory of the Savory Institute has given a TED talk that outlines his ‘Holistic Management’ approach.

In brief, holistic management is based on the idea that large herds of livestock, far from causing desertification, can reverse it, by stimulating plant growth and water retention while also enhancing soil carbon sequestration (so reducing GHG emissions). 

His talk is available here. The link to the Savory Institute is here. The Africa Centre for Holistic Management (ACHM) is its sister organisation.

This approach is obviously in radical opposition to the view that livestock are major contributers to global greenhouse gas emissions, and it would be extremely helpful to have comments and feedback from FCRN members about the the holistic management approach particularly as regards:

  • any rigorous assessments of its impacts
  • any evidence of successful adoption by other institutes / farmers
  • its general applicability
  • anything else you think is relevant

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18 Mar 2013