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4 out of 10 Swedish schools now have a meat-free day

The Swedish environment and sustainability magazine Miljöaktuellt has carried out a survey of municipalities in Sweden which show that 4 out of 10 schools have implemented either a meat-free day a week or undertaken other activities that reduce meat consumption to an equivalent degree.  This number of participating schools represents an increase of 35% from the previous year.

The representative for the Meat-Free Monday initiative in Sweden, Jonas Paulsson, says in an interview: “It feels like the message is slowly sinking in. Now we will intensify the work and break the meat norm to ensure that in the future the normal will be to eat vegetarian. It is time for the government to wake up.”

You can read the full article here (N.B. in Swedish).  You can also read about the recently launched updated Swedish dietary guidelines. Learn more about how sustainability and environmental concerns were included in these guidelines in one of our recent blog-posts.

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26 Jun 2015