Call for experts to define destructive fishing, Cambridge Conservation Initiative, Cambridge, UK

Cambridge Conservation Initiative

The Cambridge Conservation InitiativeDefining Destructive Fishing Project’ aims for a greater shared understanding of what ‘destructive fishing’ is and the problems it causes. Through using an expert review they hope to provide decision-makers with a framework to drive improved understanding and action on the issue of destructive fishing. 

The Cambridge Conservation Initiative invites experts from across the fishing industry, fisheries management, academia and civil society to complete a short survey to help begin to construct the definition of ‘destructive fishing’ and they are looking for people to take part in the expert review process.

Firm dates are still being finalised, but the expert survey will be launched mid-April 2021 and the survey review is planned for July and August. Read more here. The deadline to apply is 30 April 2021. Applicants should apply by emailing Daniel Steadman (