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Sustainable polymers for food packaging

This book examines the material properties and sustainability of various polymers that can be used for food packaging, such as bioplastics and edible food packaging.

Publisher’s summary

Bio-based plastics and nanocomposites can be used in improved packaging for food. The morphologies and physical and chemical properties of food packaging must be carefully controlled. This book covers topics such as: food packaging types, natural polymers, material properties, regulations and legislation, edible and sustainable food packaging, and trends in end-of-life options. This book is ideal for industrial chemists and materials scientists. Covers both theory, applications and regulations.



Katiyar, V. (2020). Sustainable polymers for food packaging: An introduction. De Gruyter, Berlin.

Read more here. See also the Foodsource resource How important is storage and packaging?

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05 May 2020
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