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State of the World 2014: Governing for sustainability

The Worldwatch Institute has released the 2014 edition of its “State of the World” series. “Governing for Sustainability” examines how action—on climate, species loss, inequity, and other sustainability crises—is being driven by local, people’s, women’s, and grassroots movements around the world, often in opposition to the agendas pursued by governments and big corporations.

The 2014 edition, marking the Institute’s 40th anniversary, examines both barriers to responsible political and economic governance as well as gridlock-shattering new ideas. The report’s contributors analyse a variety of trends and proposals, including regional and local climate initiatives, the rise of benefit corporations and worker-owned firms, the need for energy democracy, the Internet’s impact on sustainability, and the importance of eco-literacy. A consistent thread throughout the book is that informed and engaged citizens are key to better governance.

One of the chapters focuses on “China's Environmental Governance Challenge” an issue which FCRN recently addressed in its China report:  Appetite for change: social, economic and environmental transformations in China’s food system.

Read more about the publication here

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22 May 2014
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