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Scottish natural capital: ecosystem service accounts 2019

This report from the UK’s Office for National Statistics estimates the value of ten ecosystems services provided by natural capital in Scotland. Information on agricultural biomass (including fish capture) and carbon sequestration may be of particular interest to FCRN readers.

The figure below shows estimated values of each of the ten ecosystems services considered by the report for the year 2015. The report notes that while the asset value of oil and gas fell by 6% between 2007 and 2015, the asset value of renewable energy has more than doubled over the same time period.

Image: Figure 27, Office for National Statistics. Asset value by service, Scotland, 2015.​

Read the full report, Scottish natural capital: ecosystem service accounts 2019, here. See also the video Screencast: Ecosystem services in food systems (Eve Veromann) in the Foodsource video library.

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08 Apr 2019
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