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Report with new evidence for existence of environmental tipping points

The Global Food Security (GFS) programme in the UK has published a report providing evidence for the existence of environmental tipping points and exploring potential consequences for global food security.

The report includes sections on:

  • The need to give greater consideration to potential step-changes in food systems as part of risk management
  • The need for more research into environmental tipping points and their potential impact on food system dynamics, the interaction between environmental tipping points and socio-economic systems, and ways to improve forecasting
  • How to act on information if there is a real risk that a tipping point is being reached. The report also provides a novel framework (‘ETTA’ – Existence, Threat, Trajectory, Alternatives) to support risk management
  • Costs and benefits of action now to prevent crossing a tipping point, versus reaching the tipping point and having to adapt
  • Two major case studies for plausible environmental tipping points – including the potential for a dustbowl in East Anglia – with analysis of how we might respond to these scenarios

You can find the executive summary and full report here

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24 Jan 2017