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Positive consumer responses to insect burger

Belgian researchers have undertaken blind taste tests in which individuals are asked to rate the taste of a normal meat burger, a vegetarian burger and a burger made with mealworms.

Although meat came out top, the test group liked the insect burgers more when told they contained mealworms, putting it on a par with the plant­based burger. The testers were asked to rate the burgers according to overall liking, perceived quality and nutritiousness, sensory profile and their emotional reaction. The people tasting the food were mostly young adults (with the mean age of 27), a consumer group often seen as more open to try new types of foods.

Read the full story here. See also our blog-series on insects here.

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09 Jun 2016
Photo credit: Stephan Mosel, Flickr, creative commons 2.0)
Photo credit: Stephan Mosel, Flickr, creative commons 2.0)