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Local Authorities advised to prepare food Brexit plans

The Food Research Collaboration argues in this report that every form of Brexit (for non UK readers, this is the UK’s upcoming departure from the European Union) will affect the UK’s food supply, and that Local Authorities should set up “food resilience teams” to assess local risks to food provision.

Specifically, the authors recommend that food resilience teams should:

  • Map existing food systems in their regions
  • Conduct rapid assessments of where risks and potential disruptions lie
  • Clarify the limits to stockpiling
  • Bring together relevant professionals and expertise
  • Be prepared to convey this information to the Government and public.

While the report suggests that a “no deal Brexit” (where no political agreement is reached on the future relationship of the UK and the European Union by the time the UK departs from the EU) may have the most severe impact on the UK’s food supply, it argues that any form of Brexit is likely to cause “significant changes in the UK food system”.

Read the full report, Why Local Authorities should prepare food Brexit plans, here. See also the Foodsource building block What is food security?

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03 Dec 2018
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