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Invitation to join PANacea

This network is coordinated by FCRN network member Helena Korjonen, at the National Heart Forum and will be particularly of interest to those involved in public health issues.


PANacea - linking the global physical activity, nutrition and alcohol community

PANacea is a tool for improving communication, linking people, supporting professional development and aims to build a stronger community that can respond to emerging challenges locally, nationally and globally. Membership is free and open to those who work in public health and in particular physical activity, nutrition and alcohol.

At the heart of PANacea lies the repository, with funding from the Department of Health (England). It allows users to upload information to share with peers and already contains over 2,000 documents, presentations, reports, case studies and tools and we welcome contributions. PANacea and the National Heart Forum also provides latest research information and you can sign up to receive updates from research and news.

To join PANacea, click on Join PANacea on the homepage.

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04 Mar 2013