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Innovation in food ecosystems

This book shows how innovation in the European food system is contributing to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, and give recommendations for how various stakeholders can cooperate productively with startups and entrepreneurs.

Publisher’s summary

This book addresses the intersections of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability in food systems, and presents high-quality research illustrating the central role that food consumption and production play in achieving sustainability goals.

Entrepreneurship and innovation have become particularly relevant aspects in the European Union (EU), especially since the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were announced in 2015. In many cases, innovations tend to arise from small and medium-sized enterprises, and from completely new entrepreneurial endeavours. 

This book represents essential reading for researchers and young academics seeking to reduce disparities and inequalities in food production and consumption patterns. By encouraging sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation, it will also help young scholars find support for their startup ideas.



De Bernardi, P. and Azucar, D. (2020).Innovation in Food Ecosystems: Entrepreneurship for a Sustainable Future. Springer, Cham.

Read more here. See also the Foodsource chapter How can we reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions?

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