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Green farming agenda facing EU budget cuts has posted an article detailing how some EU national governments and lawmakers are pushing to weaken green farming proposals in the next Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). With the economic crisis still lingering, there is more focus on boosting farm production to create jobs, and to address concerns about tighter food supplies and higher prices driven by worldwide droughts.

The EU executive’s plans for ‘greening the CAP’ focus on: 1) improving biodiversity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, 2) using direct payments to encourage farmers to rotate crops as a way to reduce fertiliser and pesticide use, and 3) preserve at least 7% of land for focus areas such as buffer areas or permanent grassland to help reduce emissions.

Agricultural trade groups and leading members of Parliament have voiced their concerns that the ‘greening measures’ are too cumbersome and could potentially force farmers to take land out of production despite anticipated surge in global food demand.

To read the full article, see here.

We are curious if anyone knows of any analysis/reports/position statements have been produced on the CAP proposals.  Please do get in touch with us and let us know:

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26 Nov 2012
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