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Food firms failing to tackle nutrition crisis

In a time of rising rates of obesity and ongoing malnutrition, this new report argues that the world’s largest food and beverage (F&B) companies are largely failing to be part of the solution.

The Global Access to Nutrition Index report found that while leading food firms have made some progress towards improving consumers’ diets, there is much more the sector can do to tackle these widespread issues.  The report’s index assesses the 22 largest food companies on how well their corporate strategy, product offering and marketing efforts address obesity and malnutrition.  The Index ranks companies on their contribution to tackling these challenges by scoring them on seven criteria: governance, products, accessibility, marketing, lifestyles, labelling, and engagement. (see below)


You can read the full report here and see further coverage here.


You can find related resources in the Research Library categories on food security and nutrition and keyword categories industry actions/CSR.



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10 Mar 2016