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Food, Farming & Countryside Commission: Our common ground

This interim report from the UK’s Food, Farming and Countryside Commission inquiry into the challenges that the food industry, farmers, and the countryside face sets out the progress that the inquiry has made so far.

The report includes five chapters:

  1. Meeting our global obligations – what do we want the UK’s role to be in the world, in response to the big global challenges that face us?
  2. Securing the value of land – from regenerating ecosystems, creative responses to housing needs to a land use plan for the UK
  3. Good work for a thriving economy – from managing labour shortages to increasing opportunities for meaningful work in thriving rural communities
  4. Good food for healthy communities – from food grown, bought and eaten, access to green spaces to impacts on the nation’s health and wellbeing
  5. More than money – how public money, private money and the hidden resources (social capital) can create public value

Read the progress report here. The Commission welcomes feedback at See also the Foodsource resource How can we reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions?

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12 Nov 2018
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