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Food 2030: Defra publishes new food strategy

The UK Government has published 'Food 2030' which sets out its strategy for a sustainable food system for 2030. The vision is as follows:

  • Consumers are informed, can choose and afford healthy, sustainable food. This demand is met by profitable, competitive, highly skilled and resilient farming, fishing and food businesses, supported by first class research and development. Food is produced, processed, and distributed to feed a growing global population in ways that use global natural resources sustainably, enable the continuing provision of the benefits and services a healthy natural environment provides, promote high standards of animal health and welfare, protect food safety, make a significant contribution to rural communities, and allow us to show global leadership on food sustainability.
  • Our food security is ensured through strong UK agriculture and food sectors and international trade links with EU and global partners, which support developing economies.
  • The UK has a low carbon food system which is efficient with resources – any waste is reused, recycled or used for energy generation.

Progress will be measured against a series of sustainability indicators. Various organisations have commented on the strategy:

The Guardian has covered the strategy here.

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28 Mar 2011