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FCRN Network Member book: Living with the Trees of Life– Towards the Transformation of Tropical Agriculture

This book, written by FCRN member, Roger Leakey, is about all the many ways that trees are beneficial to humankind. It also looks at the big global issues of environmental degradation, poverty, malnutrition and hunger that affect the lives of billions of people worldwide and addresses the conclusion of numerous reports that “business as usual is not the way forward for agriculture.”
In contrast to the current polarised debate about whether agriculture should be driven by biotechnology or organic principles, this book advocates a middle path – a simple, highly adaptable three-step generic model of agroforestry that greatly boosts food production from our Green Revolution crops. 
Living with the Trees of Life – Towards the Transformation of Tropical Agriculture
By Roger RB Leakey
Published by CABI, July 2012
ISBN paperback 9781780640983: hardback 9781780640990

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