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The EU’s farming policy is hated – but what comes next may be worse

This blog-post from the Conversation discusses the different positions and arguments in the political discussion around agriculture policy in Britain after Brexit. Viviane Gravey, Lecturer in European Politics at Queen's University Belfast highlights the potential consequences of leaving the EU and its Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). 

Gravey points out that leaving CAP is often described, both by NGO’s and politicians, as one consequence of Brexit that presents a positive opportunity. In this blog-post however, she presents some arguments for why creating post-Brexit agricultural policies for the UK comes with great challenges for the agricultural sector’s competitiveness, animal welfare, sustainable land use and more.

You can read the full post here.

Note that the Food Research Collaboration has written extensively on Brexit implications for food and farming – see a list of their resources here.

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01 Jun 2017