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Crop Composition Database Version 5.0

Crop, food, and feed composition studies are considered an essential part of the safety assessment of new crop varieties, including those developed through biotechnology. Information obtained from such studies is used to assess similarities and differences in important nutrients and anti-nutrients. This database created by International Life Sciences Institute, was generated from crop composition data obtained from studies conducted over a number of years at multiple worldwide locations.

This comprehensive, public database provides information on the natural variability in composition of conventionally grown crops, including information on amino acids, bio-actives carbohydrates, fatty acids, fiber, glucosinolates, minerals, other metabolites, phospholipids, proximates and vitamins. This updated version has seven times more data than the previous version and includes three new crops, specifically canola, sweet corn and rice.  It provides a resource for researchers and regulatory scientists in the areas of plant biology, food science, and animal nutrition.

Read more about the project and the database here.

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