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Briefing papers from Terrestrial Carbon Group

The Terrestrial Carbon Group is an international group of specialists from science, economics, and public policy with expertise in land management, climate change and markets.

The group has published a series of policy briefs on many aspects of terrestrial carbon. There are 7 policy briefs:

  1. Distribution of Terrestrial Carbon Across Developing Countries
  2. Tools for Setting Reference Emission Levels
  3. Estimating Tropical Forest Carbon at Risk of Emission from Deforestation Globally
  4. Legal and Institutional Foundations for the National Implementation of REDD
  5. Measuring and Monitoring Terrestrial Carbon as Part of "REDD+" MRV Systems
  6. Estimating Terrestrial Carbon at Risk of Emission
  7. Roadmap for Terrestrial Carbon Science

And two other documents:

  • The Role of Terrestrial Carbon in the Climate Change Solution: Where, Why and How - a Short Guide
  • Stated Positions of Countries and Country Groups

You can download them all here. The objective of the Terrestrial Carbon Group is for terrestrial carbon to be effectively included in the international response to climate change. Its paper, 'How to Include Terrestrial Carbon in Developing Nations in the Overall Climate Change Solution', provides both guiding principles and a possible specific solution for how this can be done.

The Terrestrial Carbon Group is working to determine, support and guide the actions that are required immediately, between now and 2013, and in the period beyond 2013, to show how the ultimate aim of a holistic approach to terrestrial carbon can be realised.

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08 May 2010