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Brexit and ‘Grow It Yourself’

This briefing from the Food Research Collaboration, the latest in its Food Brexit Briefings series, argues that the UK’s upcoming departure from the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy could allow agricultural subsidies to be redirected from large farms towards smaller farms and allotments, enabling more people to grow their own food.

The author, biologist Dave Goulson, argues that small-scale food production could be beneficial for biodiversity (particularly pollinators), allow pesticide use to be reduced, and offer high yields (albeit with labour-intensive production). Goulson estimates that allotment-style production could grow enough fruit and vegetables for the UK’s current consumption using 2% of the current area of farmland in the UK.

Read the full report, Brexit and Grow It Yourself (GIY): A golden opportunity for sustainable farming, here. See also the Foodsource building block What is land use and land use change?

See other Brexit content in the FCRN’s research library here:

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16 Jul 2019
Fodder Category