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Volunteering opportunity: Researcher, Food Systems Handbook

food systems handbook

The Food Systems Handbook is recruiting volunteer researchers. Read their description below:

What is the Food Systems Handbook?

The FSH is an independent non-profit project focused on alleviating food insecurity. We aim to identify promising and efficient interventions and share our findings with our growing network. In practice we conduct literature reviews, conduct interviews and organise roundtable discussions with experts and other food system actors on specific food insecurity drivers and interventions. The emerging insights result in reports which we disseminate with our network of academics, international aid agencies, non-profit organisations, humanitarian aid actors, industry, governments, multilaterals and food system thinkers from around the world. 

What are researchers contributing?

Researchers are deep diving into current and future issues that could lead to acute food insecurity and famine. They read literature about the global food system and the mechanisms that can lead to famine. Further research will go into possible interventions. Researchers contribute to ranking and comparing interventions to help identify the most promising solutions that we want to highlight and advocate for. An example of our work is this report on crop diseases & pests (especially the Method section). Additionally, our Volunteer / Research role description provides details such as required skills and time commitment.

To contribute, email

This is an open call; the advert will remain on the TABLE website until 31 December 2022.