PhD: Sustainable sourcing policies for biodiversity protection, climate mitigation, and improved livelihoods in the West Africa cocoa sector, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

ETH Zürich

ETH Zürich is offering a PhD position in sustainable sourcing policies for the West African Cocoa sector. This position will be part of the larger SUSTAIN-COCOA project. The PhD student will be tasked with exploring the impacts of forest-focused supply chain policies and agroforestry adoption on farmer well-being and climate resilience in Ghana and Ivory Coast with a focus on cocoa producing farms.

Applicants must hold a MSc in public policy, economics, geography, agroecology, or agricultural sciences, have an interest in interdisciplinary study and speak English and French. 

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis after 1 April, with a firm deadline of 15 April 2021. Read more here.