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PhD: Climate effects of biomass supply systems based on fast-growing broadleaves, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden


Advertiser's description (via SLU)

We are searching for a doctoral student who will study how the climate impact from wood-based products is affected by an increased cultivation of fast-growing broadleaves, and how the climate effect can be minimized through various measures.

To assess the overall climate impact of a forest-based production chain, a system perspective is required where forest carbon stock changes, temporary carbon storage in wood products, value chain emissions, and avoided emissions from substitution are considered. Time dependent Life Cycle assessment  (LCA) will be the basic methodology in the work. The project is part of the activities in the competence center "TREES FOR ME".

The applicant should by the date of admission to PhD studies have a MSc Degree. Suitable degrees are Forester, Agronomist, Master of Science in Engineering or equivalent. Knowledge of agriculture and forestry, bio-based products and energy, LCA and modeling is an advantage, but we believe that you later can add knowledge in one of these areas if you do not have it from the beginning. Great emphasis is placed on personal qualities, such as the ability to work together, analytical and problem-solving ability as well as the ability to work independently.

Read more and apply here. Applications are accepted until 16 May 2022.