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Online course: Trust in Our Food: Understanding Food Supply Systems

EIT Food

EIT Food is offering an online course on "Trust in Our Food: Understanding Food Supply Systems", starting 4 April 2022.

Course organiser's description

Can you trust your food? This course will help you understand the global food supply systems responsible for delivering safe, nutritious, high-quality, sustainable food to your plate. You’ll explore the processes and the people involved, reflect on what we mean by ‘trust’ and uncover the important role the consumer plays in improving the supply chain.

Is my food safe?

You’ll discover the regulations in place to ensure the food you buy is safe to eat whether it’s produced within Europe or further afield and explore the food scandals that shaped the legislation before reflecting on the risks foods might pose to our health and analysing your level of trust.

Is my food nutritious?

Learn all about food labels and what they can tell you about the processes involved in making products as well as the ingredients they contain. Understand the evidence producers must provide before they can make claims about their products and discover how to analyse food headlines so you can make informed choices.

Is my food sustainable?

You’ll discover ways you can find out by exploring assurance schemes, weigh up the various factors that influence how ethical production processes are and discuss how to take action to make a difference through consumer choice.


Read more and register here. The course starts 4 April 2022; this advert will remain on the TABLE website until 4 April 2023.