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Online course: Managing Agroforestry Systems in a Changing Climate

Savanna Institute

The Savanna Institute is a nonprofit organisation that works with farmers and scientists to lay the groundwork for widespread agroforestry adoption in the Midwest US. It is offering an online course that dives into the fundamentals of agroforestry management. The course is composed of two lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Ecology and Agroforestry Systems - This lesson will discuss how biodiversity is essential to agroforestry systems and ways that practitioners maintain biodiversity in agroforestry systems.
  • Lesson 2: Agroecological Considerations of Climate Change - This lesson will explore how climate change is affecting agricultural ecosystems and how agroforestry can contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The fee for this course is $57.00, but is currently offered at the reduced price of $45.00. Read more here.