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Doctoral Scholarships: Various projects including "Sustainable diets for under-represented populations in the UK", City, University of London, UK

City, University of London

The School of Health Sciences at City, University of London is advertising up to three full- or part-time doctoral scholarships. One Doctoral Studentship is for applicants from a Black British background.

The scholarships can be used to fund 11 projects, one of which is "Sustainable diets for under-represented populations in the UK". The research questions and objectives for this project are:

  • To investigate the diet gap between dietary patterns of different ethnic groups including White, Black and South Asians and the reference diet intakes of food in the UK
  • To investigate the environmental impacts of different eating patterns of underrepresented populations.
  • To investigate the knowledges, perceptions and barriers of sustainable diet between different ethnic groups, e.g., White, Black, South Asians in the UK
  • To formulate policy, advice and interventions to reduce the diet gap and encourage healthy sustainable diets

Read more and apply here. The closing date is 16 May 2022.