Plates, pyramids and planets


Foodsource An overview of food system challenges
Tara Garnett, Tim Benton, Will Nicholson
05 Aug 2010
Foodsource Environmental impacts of food: an introduction to LCA
Tara Garnett, Elin Röös, Will Nicholson
05 Jul 2011
Foodsource Food systems and greenhouse gas emissions
Tara Garnett, Pete Smith, Will Nicholson
05 Jun 2012
Foodsource Food systems and contributions to other environmental problems
Tara Garnett, Tim Benton, David Little
05 May 2013
Foodsource Impacts of climatic and environmental change on food systems
Tara Garnett, Tim Benton, Jessica Finch
05 Apr 2014
Foodsource How can we reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions?
Tara Garnett, Jessica Finch
05 Mar 2015
Foodsource How are food systems, diets, and health connected?
Tara Garnett, Jessica Finch
05 Feb 2016
Foodsource Focus: the difficult livestock issue
Tara Garnett, Peter Scarborough, Jessica Finch
08 Jan 2017
Foodsource What is a healthy sustainable eating pattern?
Tara Garnett, Peter Scarborough, Jessica Finch
08 Dec 2017
Foodsource What is the connection between infectious diseases in humans and livestock?
Samuel Lee-Gammage, Elizabeth Atherton, Josephine Head
08 Oct 2020