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Summer Conference 2022: Food and Nutrition: pathways to a sustainable future

nutrition society
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Event date
Event time
12-15 July 2022

Organiser's description

Registration is open. This conference will be in person.

Deadline to register is 5 July 2022.

The Nutrition Society Summer Conference 2022 is hosted in collaboration between Sheffield Hallam University, University of Sheffield and Sheffield City Council. It will be the first in-person Summer Conference since the pandemic, held at the Sheffield Hallam University city centre campus.

Sustainability is high on the agenda for individuals and for society as a whole, recent meetings such as COP 26 have highlighted the urgency of addressing climate change, of which food systems are a key factor.

The overarching theme of this conference highlights sustainability- sustainability is a large, diverse and contemporary issue consisting of environmental, societal and health perspectives which will be addressed from varying angles. 

This meeting will consider how to build ethical food systems, tackle inequalities and sustain health and wellbeing for future generations.

The Organising Committee have considered local food provision and will offer you a chance to explore Sheffield and its local produce.

The conference will cover various pathways to a sustainable future in food and nutrition, including:

  • Building of ethical food systems
  • Eroding nutritional inequalities
  • Sustaining an ageing population
  • Navigating dietary trends 
  • Understanding mechanisms for health 
  • Enabling activity: lessons from exercise science      

     By the end of the conference you will have increased understanding of:  

  • building and sustaining ethical food systems 
  • the facilitators and barrier of addressing nutritional inequality 
  • the lessons from exercise science in enabling physical activity 
  • the importance of nutrition to sustain health in an increasingly ageing population  
  • current dietary trends and increase understanding of the environmental and societal impact 
  • the biological mechanisms for health and disease 

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